High standardization of placental Marvast Monazites sample and extraction of rare earth elements from concentrate

An introductory sample of exploratory wells for storage of Marvast alluvium in south of Yazd Province, was prepared and sent to the laboratory after washing and removing a section larger than 2 mm weighing 1500 kg.

According to XRD results of quartz minerals; Calcite and feldspar are the most abundant in the Monazite sample. After disintegration of the 1500 kg reagent sample, the sample’s d80 were determined about 1588 microns.

Ore benefication was carried out by screening, Gravity, Magnetic and Electrostatics methods.

Preliminary serendipitous analysis showed that almost all Monazites (99%) are in the -25 + 60 mesh (-710 and +250 microns) section. The gravity tests were performed on a sample of -25 + 60 mesh, in which the relative grade of recovery in product 1 (high standard) was 4982 grams per ton and 62 percent, in the middle product was 1307 grams per ton and 38 percent, and the third product was free of Monazite mineral is.

Extraction of REE was carried out by decomposition of monazite and elimination of interfering elements with an efficiency of >70% REE.

the final product consist of REE salts suitable for separation process.