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what is Monazite sand use for?

MONAZITE has had nearly go per cent pure rare-earth compound (rare-earth phosphate) it was sought at first not for the rare earths but for the sake of a minor constituent-thorium.  The thorium, essential for the Welsbach gaslight mantle, was present in only small quantities and the principal constituents, the rare earths, were largely discarded. Gradually, […]

High standardization of placental Marvast Monazites sample and extraction of rare earth elements from concentrate

An introductory sample of exploratory wells for storage of Marvast alluvium in south of Yazd Province, was prepared and sent to the laboratory after washing and removing a section larger than 2 mm weighing 1500 kg. According to XRD results of quartz minerals; Calcite and feldspar are the most abundant in the Monazite sample. After […]