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what is Monazite sand use for?

MONAZITE has had nearly go per cent pure rare-earth compound (rare-earth phosphate) it was sought at first not for the rare earths but for the sake of a minor constituent-thorium.  The thorium, essential for the Welsbach gaslight mantle, was present in only small quantities and the principal constituents, the rare earths, were largely discarded. Gradually, […]

Occurrence and paragenesis of diagenetic monazite in the upper Triassic black shales of the Marvast region, South Yazd, Iran

Upper Triassic-Jurassic black shale at Marvast, Iran, contains grey to green-grey ellipsoidal nodules of monazite ranging from 0.1 to 2 mm across. The presence of host-rock mineral inclusions within the monazite grains, low Th content in the monazite, lack of relict yellow cores (characteristic of igneous monazite), and the absence of monazite in the other sedimentary […]