Arses corporation is an Iranian company founded in 2009 that includes the group of scientists and engineers for geological studies in less explored areas.

we start our studies from Eastern Azarbayjan province and expand their mining in some other cities that lead to find a full potential area in Marvast in south of Yazd province.

Arses is owner of the world’s second largest mine in terms of rich storage of rare elements and only mines in Iran.

At present, Arses has 32 study areas in Marvast, and intends to build a factory for separating elements with the most advanced technologies in the world after the exploration and extraction stage and estimating the reserves of its elements.

Our mission

Find the areas with special stones that contains rare elements, mining and exploring that elements, study on them and impart them to those users.

Dr Amin Afsahi

the owner and manager of Arses co.

PHD candidate of philosophy and master of geology from the university of gohardasht and with more than 5 years experience in mining exploration, remote sensing and surveying with drone, sales consultant of Mahallat Bukhari Valley Group and cooperation with several other companies.

about Arses monozite beneficiation plant